Flyer Lighting Kit Bauer
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In Stock
3-4 Weeks
Dimensions in mm
(L x W x H)
281 x 281 x 66
AED 12,380.00

The BBS Lighting FLYER is a ready-to-go lighting kit. The FLYER is designed to be lightweight, mobile and compact without compromising the high quality that BBS Lighting has become known for. The FLYER is versa tile by its optical design. The Integrated Soft light Diffusor creates an Omnilight with perfect light distribution.
It includes Lamp head, Remote control, 5 Meter cable, Bauer beltpack, Flyball 1, Zipskirt 4 sides, Quick mount, PSU, Locking IEC, Safety wire and Hardcase.

LED Premium LED configuration. Stepless color-temperature adjustment from 3000K to 5800K
Control Manual or via Remote
Stepless color-temp adjustment
Stepless intensity adjustment

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