Super Led Kit F4.7 MO
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3-4 Weeks
Dimensions in mm
(L x W x H)
200 x 176 x 352
AED 26,852.00

The Super LED F4.7 is a high efficiency Fresnel lens spotlight using the innovative High Power 60W COB (Chip on Board) LED ARRAY, in combination with the DE SISTI Internationally Patented optical system for LED FRESNEL and with an enhanced CRI (Color Rendering Index) higher than 90 for appropriate chromacity performances.
The Lighting Fixture is DMX Controlled from 0 to 100% with a super smooth Dimming and a negligible variation of Colour Temperature while controlling the Light intensity.

3 x LED Fresnels F4.7D Daylight  Mod. '"F4.7D".MO
3 x barndoor Mod. 306.100
3 x colour frame Mod. 307.100
3 x  KIT stand
1 Kit case in REINFORCED POLYETILEN  Mod. 300.631 with 3 spaces

LED 60W DC Current to the LED (no flicker)
DMX Channel 1 at 8 bit: Dimmer
2 at 16 bit: Dimmer
LED ARRAY Lifetime 50.000 hours with 70% Lumen
Maintenance. The LED ARRAYS are tested and certified up to LM80

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